Ok sooo I’m somewhere between 23 and 24 days into learning Swift.
I have already ditched my original project and started a new one.
The original project just didn’t feel right to me so I put it on the self for right now
(yeah I agree, I’m probably not making much since right now).

I try to develop projects that I feel good about, things that I can actually use or better yet like to use.
I think that’s the trick to this development thing. If you can become one of the few that are lucky enough to work on something that you enjoy, that you’re passionate about, you’ll go a long way.

Anyhow so I pivoted and decided to make a card game app.
The objective is pretty simple. You basically need to guess if the card dealt is higher or lower then the original card…  it’s play off of the old drinking game “High or Low”.

I’m pretty much done with it. The final step is submitting it to the App Store, which I have no idea how that process works. But if everyone goes as planned I should be submitting no later then Friday morning.