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First 5K Journey – Changing it up a bit

Changing it up a bit!

I’m taking a week off from the Couch to 5k training. I’m doing so because I want to get some pace numbers for myself. Basically each week I have been successfully completing the C25K challenges but I have been pretty conservative with my runs. Meaning I’ve been completing these challenges but at a very slow pace in my opinion.

According to 5k Pace Comparison the average pace for a 5K runner is around 11:47 minutes per mile (give or take) which comes in somewhere around 33 minutes to complete a 5K race. So if that’s average and considering I’ve never done this before I’m hoping to at least complete mine within the 35/45-minute range.

According to my calculations I’m currently running at a 20 minute a mile pace. So at my current pace it would probably take me a hour to complete a 5K. I need to do better and see if I can cut this in half.

So this week I ‘m going take a break from the C25K program and focus on seeing if I can get my numbers down to somewhere within 12/15 minutes per mile range.

2016 Goals – Hoping to run my 1st 5K

One of my goals for 2016 was to run and complete a 5K. For some I’m sure running a 5K is no big deal. But for me this is a bit of a challenge considering I have been sitting behind a desk for the past 4 years.

I officially started working towards this goal last week. What I mean by officially is that I’ve been  going to the gym pretty much ever day since the beginning of the month. It wasn’t until last week when I decided to draw  a line in the sand and said okay I’m doing this.

Based on a recommendation from my previous boss I downloaded the Couch to 5K app. A mobile app that helps beginner prepare for their 1st 5K. (I downloaded the free C25K app. I guess there are multiple versions in the app store)

So far and granted that I’ve only completed my first week I think this app is pretty awesome. In my opinion the app was like having a personal trainer with you during your runs. For me this is great. Most of the time my mind drifts off so the Run and Walk notifications helps a ton.

The Couch to 5K program goes on for 9 weeks. So hopefully if everything goes well I should be done somewhere around the middle of March. Which on another hand would be great because the cold weather should finally be coming to a end.

I’m starting week 2 today so wish me luck. I will post a status update next week around this time.

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