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New theme New Beginnings

Well since Google has been tipping it’s hat towards how it feels about mobile in regards to responsive friendly websites I thought I should perhaps change WordPress themes. So here we are a new theme, new beginnings. I was looking for something easy and simple and I think I’ve nailed it with this theme.

So what’s new.

I plan to blog more, my goal is to submit a post at least once a week.
I have a few ideas, working on a few new projects so things should start off pretty easily.. but lets see


Skills and Experience Matrix

I’ve been working in the tech industry for a few years now. Most of my career has been split between SEO and Web Development. There’s times when I’m not really aware of the skill sets I’ve picked up amongst the years. So I decided to build this matrix that would easily display what languages and technologies I’m familiar with.

Languages Databases OSs Software Web Services Familiarity
HTML MySql Win Neatbeans Twilio Python
CSS mongoDB IOs Dreamweaver Google PostGRE
JQuery Linux PHPAdmin Twitter CodeIgnitor
JavaScript RoboMongo Yahoo  Twitter Bootstrap
PHP5 MAMPPro Bing  Swift
SQL EasyPHP Facebook
JSON FileZilia
XML Git/GitHub


The column labeled “Familiarity” are languages/technologies I’ve only worked with for 6 months or less.

Quick PHP Pivot

So I have this quick web service idea that keeps calling my name. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s that type of idea that keeps you up at night. The idea that makes you call in sick from work so you can work on it. That can’t stop won’t stop idea that for some reason just won’t get out of your head.

Well I have one of those ideas and I’ve decided to make a quick pivot to work on it. So by doing so I’m forced to put the Python scripting on the back burner this week. Not all the way to the back, I did happen to work on a few things that I’m giddy about which I will share with you all in my next weeks update. Which may be my last week that I focus solely on my “Learning Python in a month” challenge, haven’t fully decided yet.

I set out to spend a month with Python and I did it. I’m actually proud of myself. I wouldn’t consider myself well versed yet but I think I at least know the basics. I’m sure if  I stick with it for another six month I will somewhere around the  Sr. n00b ranks by then.

But again this has not yet been decided. What I’m considering for next month challenge is either Ruby on Rails or  IOS Programming, I have always wanted to learn how to make IPhone/IPad apps. But from what I’ve read so far this not going to be a easy challenge. I may chicken out and go the Ruby on Rails route who knows. If I take this challenge it will begin on August 1st.

Yea, next months is going to be real interesting.

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