I have a new project in mind, it’s SMS based. I’m going to take this weekend to scratch it out on paper before I actually start coding the thing. This is still a new approach for me. On my last project I flow charted everything out before hitting the code and things actually went a tad bit faster. Plus I found that if you don’t have a well documented process before you start then it’s actually harder to determine the projects end date because you will be constantly added bits and pieces or modifying things.
Overall I’m really, really excited because this project will be solving one of my longtime dilemmas. And that’s remembering things. So if I can bust this one out in less then a month that would be incredible. But honestly the coding has never been an issue, it’s the designing, that’s my Achilles heel. I’ve always thought if I could some how team up with a web designer I would kick some major ass. (Please take that as a hint)