Well in a effort of trying new things I’ve decided to give Python a run.
I’ve heard nothing but great things about this language and since fine establishments like Google has embraced it I’m sure it will only grow in popularity.
Plus there seems to be a bit of a demand for it in the Atlanta area which is also great news.


But I’m sure just like anything else that’s has some kind of importance it’s not going to be something that’s picked up over night.
So to get the ball rolling I just purchased “Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming” from Amazon.
This may seems like a crazy book to use as a launching point to learn a new language but my logic behind going this route was “heck if it was written well enough for a kid to understand, then I shouldn’t have any problems”

I set up a few weekly mid-stone to help push my self in the right direction.

  • Week 1  – Get Python installed and up and running. This includes busting out the traditional “Hello World”
  • Week 2  – Build a simple website using Python
  • Week 3  – Maybe connect to a database, but heck this may be pushing a bit.

If I can knock down at least the first two goals that would be awesome.

But overall there’s no rush here, I’m just trying to accomplish something new.

Python here I come!