Dear Robbers (Atlanta Chapter),
Christmas is right around the corner, that’s right a time sharing and giving. Well I was just sitting here thinking that maybe you all would perhaps skip me this year since I gave so much last year. The whole experience last year is still kind of shocking. I mean first off who knew you guys worked during the day, I always thought robbing was a third shift job, go figure. And thanks for pointing out how weak my front door was, I hope no one was hurt during the invasion. Kicking in a door can be a dangerous job. But if so please by all means send me the hospital bill , I would hate to have another reason not to get sleep at night. Oh and by the way I hope your family enjoyed the PS3, Nintendo Wii, Laptop, and 42 inch LCD TV. And did you know that the PS3 also dubs as a great Blu-ray player? Wait, what am I talking about of course you knew, that’s probably why you guys took the few Blu-ray DVD’s I owned, sorry my mistake, I forgot. But speaking of last year, the economy is much better this year so do you guys really need to go door to door this year. I think not. Have a heart. Well thanks for your consideration robbers have Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Signed Victim

P.S. I so Love Atlanta