Google Sitemap Ping Script using CURL and PHP
Whenever you make a site/page change, this PHP/CURL based script can be used to notify Google of your changes. You must initially have a Google Sitemap submitted to the program to make use if this code. Read more about the program here –

Google Sitemap script.
This script reads the files within your directory and produces a Google Sitemap. A blacklist array is included to omit sensitive files from being added to your sitemap. To participate in the program you must have a Google Webmaster account. No databases required!

Block users from accessing your webpage.
This function can be used to slow aggravating users down from accessing your page. I place stress on the word slow because any determined users/hacker/spammer will eventually get to your site if they really wanted to.

Get HTTP Status Code Using PHP and cURL
Very cool and easy way to grab the server HTTP status code using cURL. Please see for more information:

Scrape the Wayback Machine A.K.A
The function pulls the numbers of results listed within the database. This information can be used to track the history of a domain.

Google Analytics API
Simple PHP Class using cURL to make connection to Google’s Analytics API