Ok, so I’m thinking about going back to word press. I just spent the last five minutes tying to remember how to get back into my own site.. Crazy, I know. I’m not really sure why I left word press in the first beginning. I think it had to be my code obsession. Let me explain I love writing code, its keeps my mine busy. So it doesn’t matter how awesome a site is or was I end up mashing it and developing my own version. Sometimes with more features and most of the time with less. Yea that’s it. At the time I believe word press was too heavy. But in fact it may have been my server was just dam outdated. Since them I’ve upgrades the hardware and etc so it will be interesting to see how it will perform now. So the only issue I have now is how in the hell do I import what I currently have into word press. If you have any advice please email me.