I am currently the Data Feed Manager at a Top Secret Faculty, an Atlanta-based interactive marketing faculty that specializes in Natural and Paid Search Optimization. I’ve been working at this Top Secret Faculty for over 5 years now. As Data Feed Manager, I’m responsible for the technical management of this Top Secret faculty’s Yahoo Search Submit Pro Program and new Beta feed programs.

I’m experienced in server side and client side development, and have developed key analytic applications that have been used to examine search engine trends across multiple verticals.

I’ve earned a Google Adwords Professional Certification and a Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador while working at this Top Secret Faculty.
I majored In Management Information Systems and received my Bachelors Degree from Auburn University in 2000.

I enjoy working in the search Marketing Industry but most of all I enjoy building applications that support this industry.

I believe my area of expertise is in identifying and creating solutions that help people become more successful.