This is quite small to some but it’s big news to me. I have been a part of Ebay’s EPN affiliate networks for sometime now and have recently started taking a closer look at their report center. I’m kind of amazed how far they allow you to drill down. For example in the previous year the category I sold more merchandise in was the “Cameras & Photo” category and so far this year it’s the “Home & Garden” category, go figure. Nothing to go screaming off the roof tops about but it’s still a bit interesting. I haven’t made any big website changes for this shift to happen so I’m taking this information as a clear indication of when the season changes. So moving forward I think this data could and should be considered when developing future marketing strategies. If I’m losing some of you guys I apologize, but basically what I’m trying to say is there is no need to place all of your focus on every website you own at all times. But why not just focus on a smaller set of websites when they are about to go into season. Just a thought. I’m sure some of you big dogs are already doing this. 🙂