After about two weeks I’m back. Things took longer then what I expected but I did get a lot accomplished. I totally re-vamped my image hosting site, from a code perspective. Users are now required to have a twitter account to use Frinly. I’m using Twitter Oauth for log in authentication. I also added Amazon A3 service so now all of the images are hosted on Amazon’s servers. I’ve Built a Upload and Post and Post only API so that users can use 3rd party applications to post images. I’ve changed the way incoming email is answered and dumped the script and cron job that checked a designated pop3 account. And last, but not least I upgraded the Frinly WordPress Widget so now you don’t have to hack the code to configure it to work. Now configurations are made through the options interface.

I think I kicked some ass actually. There where a whole bunch of tutorials I had to read to get this done. Two weeks ago I had no idea how Amazons cloud storage worked. Now I’m scratching my head wondering why in the heck haven’t I been using this all along. It’s awesome!

I’m not 100% finished yet. I have a few more features that I would like to add but I’m going to hold off for a couple of weeks before I start on them. I really want to work on this other project I’ve been thinking about for sometime now. I plan to post updates when I can but to be honest I know how I am when It comes to programming. It consumes me.

Overall the best part of buckling down and learning how these services work is the knowledge. I now have to knowledge to build bigger and better applications. So basically you have to look at the time spent as an investment.