It’s a Brand New Year and I have a few things that I would like to focus on and learn more about in 2011.

  • Geo Location – I think this year we are going to see a lot of Geo based application. I have a few goto API’s that I use to pull this data. But this technology has a lot of room to grow. I would love to get in front of this and ride the wave of projects that are about to come in.
  • Git – I bought a book a few months ago, but I’ve been pretty business and have not found the time to crack it open. This Version Control seems to be a must have nowadays.
  • IPhone App – I’m sure I’m catching the tail end of the IPhone application gold rush, but I would love to learn how to build a app, regarding how simple it may be.
  • Domaining – I want to sale a domain for over $500.00 this year.
  • Funding – I follow Techcruch pretty closely and there appears to be a lot of  funding going on. I would love to find out how this process works.
  • California –  This is a long shot but I would not mind moving to the west coast. It seems like a lot of what I’m into is happening over there.

Well that’s the list. It will be interesting to see if I’m able to cross any of these off next year.