It’s been about a month since I’ve posted an update on my 5K training. I like to believe there’s a good reason for that.

For the last 3 weeks my training has been all over the place. I have to admit I’ve been getting a lot of my info from YouTube, which has probably led me to more confusion.

I started out trying to break down the 3-mile run into 3 separate miles and focusing on each mile independently. I thought “hey if my goal is to run a 5k in 35/45 minutes then I should first focus on conquering the first mile in at least 11/15 minutes, then the second and the third”.

Then half way through this format I found article that said the best way to train for a 5K is to focus on running 30 minutes continuously. I tried this maybe for 2 days before I decided to switch it up.

The final and current format that I’m on is one that I came up with myself.
I again looked at the total amount of miles, which is 3 and time in which I wanted to complete the run, which is in 45 minutes. I then broke down the run into 6 half mile run and walk sessions.

So basically I run 0.5 miles, then walk 0.5 miles then run 0.5 mile then walk 0.5 miles and so on until either I reach 3 miles or 45 minutes.

I love this format, it works for me, but there is only one problem.

My quickest time so far is a 2.8mile run in 45 minutes and to get that time I was pretty much huffing it.

Week 1 2.5 mi 2.7 mi 2.8 mi


It’s not all bad news I am getting better and faster. I noticed the other day that my mile runs are now under 12 minutes. I didn’t start off that way. In the beginning it was somewhere around 18:00.

I have to admit I’ve made a hella lot of mistakes during this journey. Some include.

  1. Never eat lasagna before a run. That craps painful.
  2. Wear pants that don’t continuously fall down during your run. Instead of focusing on your run you’ll be wondering if your ass showing.

The issue I’m having now is how do I continue with the pace I achieved during the 1st mile for another 2 miles? I’m sure overtime it will come; I just hope it happens before the end of May.

Oh and my goal is to do this run non-stop. For me it’s not a successful run if I can’t do it entirely without stopping.