Week 2 was an incredibly crappy week. A few times this week my focus was thrown off in some major ways.

Starting off Monday.  So I decided to go to the gym a bit earlier then my usual time.
Why did I do that, hell if I know.

I think in combination with A.) It being earlier in the day then I usually go to the gym and B.) The weather getting warmer. There was a lot more people in the gym then what I expected.

Not a bad thing if everyone who was in the gym was there to truly work out.
Basically I caught a slight attitude when another dude decided to grab the treadmill right next to me (guy code #1, alway leave a space. This rule not only applies to the movie theater but also for the gym) and starts to lazy walk.

What’s lazy walking? Well that’s when you’re on treadmill walking at an incredibly abnormlaly slow pace.. I mean slower then what any person would normally walk.

During this time he’s flipping channels on the tv like a mad man… G-wiz.
When he finally decides on a channel… it’s some cartoons. Why is this dude watching cartoons in the gym.. wtf. But then he starts giggling out loud and this goes on for a good 10-15 minutes.
Now I probably could have gotten past the lazy walking but the fucking giggle was overboard, so I just left having only did a bit more then a mile.
I mean if your not in the gym to train… get the hell on right?

Wednesday, instead of the gym I went to the park to practice on my running, god that sounds funny. But yep you can probably guess it has something to do with what I heard on Youtube again.
So I’m now convinced that the reason I’m not making faster gains (running longer and faster) is because I have a heel strike issue.
The few videos I’ve watched basically stated that in order to reserve more energy and run longer, a runner should land on the forefront of their feet and not the heel.
So I practiced that for like 30 minutes on Wednesday and I still feel awkward while running.

And for Friday, OMG this was both my best and worst day ever at the gym.
So I’m in the gym, totally in the zone, killing it when this random dude knocks on the gym window to get my attention.
I look up and wave him off… I mean I’m now 25 minutes into a 45 minute run and like I previous said I was in my zone I wasn’t about to stop.
Well I guess that pissed him off because a few minutes later he starts banging on the glass like some Wildling (Game of Thrones reference 😉  ). For a second I thought, this fucker is gonna break the glass.

At this point I’m more then pissed because my focus is HELLA GONE. I turned to him, while still running and start screaming back “I CAN’T LET YOU IN!” and “YOUR SCREWING MY RUN UP!” (note it’s 02:30 a.m. when all o f this is going down.)

Well the dude left but my focus never returned. Cause now I’m constantly looking out the window to see if he was ducking behind a corner or messing me my car.

The only positive thing that came from this incident was that after I stop yelling at the weirdo I noticed that I had hit the 1.5 mile mark. This was the first time that I had run 1.5 miles without stopping. If you remembered my format. I usually run 0.5, then walk 0.5, then run 0.5 and so on. So this was a big milestone for me.

So yeah this part was awesome but I can’t stop from thinking what if I was was able to keep my focus? How far would I have gone. That night I came in a bit slower then my last weeks fastest time and finished 2.7 miles in 45 minutes.

Mon. Tue. Wed.
Week 2 0.0 mi 0.0 mi 2.7 mi