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I’ve been approved

It’s official Apple has approved my first iPhone App.
So yesterday morning I checked my email and was pleasantly surprised to have received a email from iTunes stating that my “app has been approved and the app status has changed to Ready for Sale:”

This was probably the best news I’ve had in along time. Building/creating a iPhone App and having it included within the Apple App Store was a long time dream of mine. And for it to actually happen is a big deal for me.

So what’s my next move? Well I don’t know. What I’m currently thinking is if I should

  1. Create a version 2. A version that would allow you to play your friends
  2. Focus on learning how background fetching works(I have a few app ideas that could use this tech)
  3. Setup a dedicated site to show this app and future apps.

I know you are suppose to crawl before you run…but man I sure feel like running right now.

Anyhow if anyone is interested. I submitted my app on the 23rd around 6 pm EST and it was accepted  on the 26th around 8 am EST.

Here a link my game  “High or Low – Card Game“, please give it a download but also keep in mind this is my first app

High or Low - Card Game



Learning Swift

Finally my swift skills are coming along. This is a app idea I built over the weekend.  There were a few things that I struggled with (i.e. setting the background color in the navigation bar) but for the most part I think I’m catching on. The idea is basically a demonstration on how to pull TV show listing using Swift and TVMaze’s APIs. I plan to post the source later tonight on GitHub.

TV Show Listing
TV Show Listing Thumbnail

TV Show Summary
TV Show Summary Thumbnail

Date Picker
Date Picker Thumbnail

I have a few more goals that I aiming to cross of my list.

  • How to submit to the App store
  • How to use the push notification feature
  • How to swipe and delete items from a list.

Top 5 Reasons I’ve turn into a Mac Fanboy.

Oh buddy, so before I get started I need to mention that this list includes built in applications and utilities that I found awesome. And that there are plenty of apps that I have downloaded along the way and use on a day to day basis that I will list at a later date.


  1. Spotlight
    • I’m beginning to use Spotlight quite often. It’s actually blazing fast, maybe it will slow down as my computer ages but for right now it’s my goto applications for finding files. Definitely beats Window’s search utilizing by a mile.
  2. SSH
    • I’ve been using a windows based pc for most of my career and when I needed to access my server securely I’ve alway done it via Putty. Putty’s a cool little utility and it’s one of the first tools I download when I’m on a Win PC. But now I just fire up the terminal.
  3. Network
    • In the past my Linksys router would always need power cycling, it was such a pain in the butt. I don’t know why maybe because it was just an old router. When I got my Mac But I did go out and get a new  Linksys router but the set up process was horrible, basically too many hoops to get thing running. I bought a Airport Extreme and had the WiFi up in running in less than 5 minutes. I know this sounds cliche but everything just worked.
  4. Launchpad
    • This and mission control along with gestures I use a lot when i’m actually using the laptop’s monitor. For most of the time I’m tethered to a external monitor is it very seldom I use these two. But they do make navigating between applications and desktops incredibly swift.
  5. Keychain Access
    • I recently installed Windows 7 on a old laptop of mine and could not remember the WI-Fi password. Having Keychain access made life so much easier. In the past I would have to access my Linksys router’s control panel which wouldn’t be that bad but it would always take me a few tries before I could never remember that password.

Applications I have not used yet but looking forward to using.

  • Time Machine
  • ICloud
  • Airdrop, not really sure what this is yet?

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