It’s official Apple has approved my first iPhone App.
So yesterday morning I checked my email and was pleasantly surprised to have received a email from iTunes stating that my “app has been approved and the app status has changed to Ready for Sale:”

This was probably the best news I’ve had in along time. Building/creating a iPhone App and having it included within the Apple App Store was a long time dream of mine. And for it to actually happen is a big deal for me.

So what’s my next move? Well I don’t know. What I’m currently thinking is if I should

  1. Create a version 2. A version that would allow you to play your friends
  2. Focus on learning how background fetching works(I have a few app ideas that could use this tech)
  3. Setup a dedicated site to show this app and future apps.

I know you are suppose to crawl before you run…but man I sure feel like running right now.

Anyhow if anyone is interested. I submitted my app on the 23rd around 6 pm EST and it was accepted  on the 26th around 8 am EST.

Here a link my game  “High or Low – Card Game“, please give it a download but also keep in mind this is my first app

High or Low - Card Game