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I’ve been approved

It’s official Apple has approved my first iPhone App.
So yesterday morning I checked my email and was pleasantly surprised to have received a email from iTunes stating that my “app has been approved and the app status has changed to Ready for Sale:”

This was probably the best news I’ve had in along time. Building/creating a iPhone App and having it included within the Apple App Store was a long time dream of mine. And for it to actually happen is a big deal for me.

So what’s my next move? Well I don’t know. What I’m currently thinking is if I should

  1. Create a version 2. A version that would allow you to play your friends
  2. Focus on learning how background fetching works(I have a few app ideas that could use this tech)
  3. Setup a dedicated site to show this app and future apps.

I know you are suppose to crawl before you run…but man I sure feel like running right now.

Anyhow if anyone is interested. I submitted my app on the 23rd around 6 pm EST and it was accepted  on the 26th around 8 am EST.

Here a link my game  “High or Low – Card Game“, please give it a download but also keep in mind this is my first app

High or Low - Card Game



Learning Swift – 24 days in

Ok sooo I’m somewhere between 23 and 24 days into learning Swift.
I have already ditched my original project and started a new one.
The original project just didn’t feel right to me so I put it on the self for right now
(yeah I agree, I’m probably not making much since right now).

I try to develop projects that I feel good about, things that I can actually use or better yet like to use.
I think that’s the trick to this development thing. If you can become one of the few that are lucky enough to work on something that you enjoy, that you’re passionate about, you’ll go a long way.

Anyhow so I pivoted and decided to make a card game app.
The objective is pretty simple. You basically need to guess if the card dealt is higher or lower then the original card…  it’s play off of the old drinking game “High or Low”.

I’m pretty much done with it. The final step is submitting it to the App Store, which I have no idea how that process works. But if everyone goes as planned I should be submitting no later then Friday morning.


Learning Swift – 10 days in

I’m back at it again, trying to learn Swift and IOS development.
This is basically my second attempt, I tried it back in 2015 but fell of track because of work commitments. This time around I’m pretty obsessed with getting something into the App Store.

In my opinion the learning curve this time around is a lot less steep. I mean there’s still a  hell of a lot to learn syntax, frameworks, and for me Xcode. But nowadays there’s way more places to learn from then a few years ago. i.e. StackOverflow,  Udemy and even YouTube.
I’m taking the dev route this time and building everything via code instead of using the Storyboard.

Thats one thing I do remember from my first time around is that the storyboard even though appears to be helpful can sometimes be a hassle.

The big dilemma I’m faced with now is coming up with a solid worthwhile project.
Right now I’ve been fiddling around with a College Football Trivia app (screen shot included).

Don’t laugh at the UI, I know it sucks.. but I figure that’s something I can circle back to once I get everything working properly.

Ohh and one other thing that stinks. For these past couple of days I’ve been testing everything via the simulator. In order for me to push my tests to my phone I will need to upgrade my IPhone to the newest operating system (Im currently on 9.3.5). Grrrrr. I hate the new operating system. Specifically  the way you reply to SMS messages now. Man .. why did the change it

Learning Swift

Finally my swift skills are coming along. This is a app idea I built over the weekend.  There were a few things that I struggled with (i.e. setting the background color in the navigation bar) but for the most part I think I’m catching on. The idea is basically a demonstration on how to pull TV show listing using Swift and TVMaze’s APIs. I plan to post the source later tonight on GitHub.

TV Show Listing
TV Show Listing Thumbnail

TV Show Summary
TV Show Summary Thumbnail

Date Picker
Date Picker Thumbnail

I have a few more goals that I aiming to cross of my list.

  • How to submit to the App store
  • How to use the push notification feature
  • How to swipe and delete items from a list.

New theme New Beginnings

Well since Google has been tipping it’s hat towards how it feels about mobile in regards to responsive friendly websites I thought I should perhaps change WordPress themes. So here we are a new theme, new beginnings. I was looking for something easy and simple and I think I’ve nailed it with this theme.

So what’s new.

I plan to blog more, my goal is to submit a post at least once a week.
I have a few ideas, working on a few new projects so things should start off pretty easily.. but lets see


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