This weekend my new monitor was delivered, the HP 2511X and it totally awesome. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a longtime. I’m like the kid in the candy shop. Today sitting at work I couldn’t stop thinking about my monitor and the code that I was going to write when I got home, yeah it’s like that.

For the longest I’ve rocked a DELL 2001FP 20in and it’s a great monitor don’t get me wrong. I mean me and the 2001FP has been through a lot of good times together and we’ve made a gang of money. But it was time to upgrade.

I originally bought the HP 2511x with the intentions of setting up dual monitors, but after hooking it up I realized there was no need for dual monitors. The HP 2511x provides all of the real estate I need.

It took me a while to make my mind up. I had a hard time deciding between the HP 2509b and the HP2511x but went with the HP2511x because it was slightly cheaper at the time.

I’ve read plenty of reviews and comments and majority of the bad comments I’ve come across was regarding the monitor not having built in speakers, or not being able to adjust vertically. To me having speakers attached is kind of silly. The way I play music attached speakers wouldn’t last past  the first couple of weeks, and then what, ship the whole monitor back. No that’s not for me, I prefer to have my speakers detached. Right now I have some incredible Logitech speakers that are able to handle anything I throw at them.

As for the vertical adjustment, I was a bit concerned about that. I had this option on the 2001FP, but what I found out was the vertical adjustment was no longer needed because the HP 2511x is so freaking huge.
Basically to sum it all up HP2511x is awesome and I’m loving it.

Wait one thing that did suck. I bought some 3ft Monster HDMI cables but they were a bit too short.. Going to for some longer one.

But besides that get this monitor you’ll love it.