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2 Fruit Smoothie – Raspberry Pineapple

Raspberry Pineapple Smoothie

2 cups of Apple Juice
1 tablespoon of Greek Nonfat Yogurt
1 cup of sliced Raspberries
1 cup of sliced Pineapple

This is blend was way better then my previous raspberry blend.
The pineapple gave it a much sweater taste then the bananas I previously used.
I giving this blend a 3.5 out of  5 stars.

My first 5K Journey, week 2

Week 2 was an incredibly crappy week. A few times this week my focus was thrown off in some major ways.

Starting off Monday.  So I decided to go to the gym a bit earlier then my usual time.
Why did I do that, hell if I know.

I think in combination with A.) It being earlier in the day then I usually go to the gym and B.) The weather getting warmer. There was a lot more people in the gym then what I expected.

Not a bad thing if everyone who was in the gym was there to truly work out.
Basically I caught a slight attitude when another dude decided to grab the treadmill right next to me (guy code #1, alway leave a space. This rule not only applies to the movie theater but also for the gym) and starts to lazy walk.

What’s lazy walking? Well that’s when you’re on treadmill walking at an incredibly abnormlaly slow pace.. I mean slower then what any person would normally walk.

During this time he’s flipping channels on the tv like a mad man… G-wiz.
When he finally decides on a channel… it’s some cartoons. Why is this dude watching cartoons in the gym.. wtf. But then he starts giggling out loud and this goes on for a good 10-15 minutes.
Now I probably could have gotten past the lazy walking but the fucking giggle was overboard, so I just left having only did a bit more then a mile.
I mean if your not in the gym to train… get the hell on right?

Wednesday, instead of the gym I went to the park to practice on my running, god that sounds funny. But yep you can probably guess it has something to do with what I heard on Youtube again.
So I’m now convinced that the reason I’m not making faster gains (running longer and faster) is because I have a heel strike issue.
The few videos I’ve watched basically stated that in order to reserve more energy and run longer, a runner should land on the forefront of their feet and not the heel.
So I practiced that for like 30 minutes on Wednesday and I still feel awkward while running.

And for Friday, OMG this was both my best and worst day ever at the gym.
So I’m in the gym, totally in the zone, killing it when this random dude knocks on the gym window to get my attention.
I look up and wave him off… I mean I’m now 25 minutes into a 45 minute run and like I previous said I was in my zone I wasn’t about to stop.
Well I guess that pissed him off because a few minutes later he starts banging on the glass like some Wildling (Game of Thrones reference 😉  ). For a second I thought, this fucker is gonna break the glass.

At this point I’m more then pissed because my focus is HELLA GONE. I turned to him, while still running and start screaming back “I CAN’T LET YOU IN!” and “YOUR SCREWING MY RUN UP!” (note it’s 02:30 a.m. when all o f this is going down.)

Well the dude left but my focus never returned. Cause now I’m constantly looking out the window to see if he was ducking behind a corner or messing me my car.

The only positive thing that came from this incident was that after I stop yelling at the weirdo I noticed that I had hit the 1.5 mile mark. This was the first time that I had run 1.5 miles without stopping. If you remembered my format. I usually run 0.5, then walk 0.5, then run 0.5 and so on. So this was a big milestone for me.

So yeah this part was awesome but I can’t stop from thinking what if I was was able to keep my focus? How far would I have gone. That night I came in a bit slower then my last weeks fastest time and finished 2.7 miles in 45 minutes.

Mon. Tue. Wed.
Week 2 0.0 mi 0.0 mi 2.7 mi


My first 5K Journey continues

It’s been about a month since I’ve posted an update on my 5K training. I like to believe there’s a good reason for that.

For the last 3 weeks my training has been all over the place. I have to admit I’ve been getting a lot of my info from YouTube, which has probably led me to more confusion.

I started out trying to break down the 3-mile run into 3 separate miles and focusing on each mile independently. I thought “hey if my goal is to run a 5k in 35/45 minutes then I should first focus on conquering the first mile in at least 11/15 minutes, then the second and the third”.

Then half way through this format I found article that said the best way to train for a 5K is to focus on running 30 minutes continuously. I tried this maybe for 2 days before I decided to switch it up.

The final and current format that I’m on is one that I came up with myself.
I again looked at the total amount of miles, which is 3 and time in which I wanted to complete the run, which is in 45 minutes. I then broke down the run into 6 half mile run and walk sessions.

So basically I run 0.5 miles, then walk 0.5 miles then run 0.5 mile then walk 0.5 miles and so on until either I reach 3 miles or 45 minutes.

I love this format, it works for me, but there is only one problem.

My quickest time so far is a 2.8mile run in 45 minutes and to get that time I was pretty much huffing it.

Week 1 2.5 mi 2.7 mi 2.8 mi


It’s not all bad news I am getting better and faster. I noticed the other day that my mile runs are now under 12 minutes. I didn’t start off that way. In the beginning it was somewhere around 18:00.

I have to admit I’ve made a hella lot of mistakes during this journey. Some include.

  1. Never eat lasagna before a run. That craps painful.
  2. Wear pants that don’t continuously fall down during your run. Instead of focusing on your run you’ll be wondering if your ass showing.

The issue I’m having now is how do I continue with the pace I achieved during the 1st mile for another 2 miles? I’m sure overtime it will come; I just hope it happens before the end of May.

Oh and my goal is to do this run non-stop. For me it’s not a successful run if I can’t do it entirely without stopping.

First 5K Journey – Changing it up a bit

Changing it up a bit!

I’m taking a week off from the Couch to 5k training. I’m doing so because I want to get some pace numbers for myself. Basically each week I have been successfully completing the C25K challenges but I have been pretty conservative with my runs. Meaning I’ve been completing these challenges but at a very slow pace in my opinion.

According to 5k Pace Comparison the average pace for a 5K runner is around 11:47 minutes per mile (give or take) which comes in somewhere around 33 minutes to complete a 5K race. So if that’s average and considering I’ve never done this before I’m hoping to at least complete mine within the 35/45-minute range.

According to my calculations I’m currently running at a 20 minute a mile pace. So at my current pace it would probably take me a hour to complete a 5K. I need to do better and see if I can cut this in half.

So this week I ‘m going take a break from the C25K program and focus on seeing if I can get my numbers down to somewhere within 12/15 minutes per mile range.

2016 and nothing is really the same

As of today I am now 19 days unemployed. A contract that I have been working for the previous 4 years has finally come to a end.

I’m both sad and happy. Sad that I’m no longer around the people I considered friends but hella happy that I can now pursue the projects  and technologies that I’m most passionate about.

My goal is to take sometime away from corporate america (at least 5 month). so that I can reboot. Maybe do some volunteer work.. who knows. Afterwards, say the 6th month I’ll start a soft search. I’ve always wanted to work in Silicon Valley even if it’s for a short period of time. I have no idea how I would make the transition. You rarely hear about companies paying relocation packages nowadays.  I have some money saved but I know since things are sooo expensive over there that if I miss step I could blow through it all.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit scared of what the future holds.. but sometimes it’s good to shake it up, be uncomfortable.. and scared.

Hopefully when 2016 comes to a end I’m not somewhere regretting these decisions.

Things I would like to accomplish during my time away.

  • Get in shape. Sitting at a desk for 4 years, 8/9 hours a day can put a toll on you.
  • Conferences/Meetups. Technology moves fast and this is a great way to keep up with what’s current.
  • Web projects. I have a few half done projects that I previously didn’t have time to complete.

JQuery Phone Number Mask

So it’s been ages since I’ve made a blog post but its been even longer since I’ve submitted anything to Github.

I was recently coding a project for work and needed or at least convinced myself I needed a date mask to better show people how to format the month and year for this search function I was building.

Somewhere along they way I decided to morph the date mask into a phone number mask. I didn’t spend much time with this so I’m sure someone could make it a 100 times better. But as for right now this was what I needed.
Plus it gave me a chance to submit a project to Github.

Phone number Mask with JQuery

I’ll add a link to a demo sometime after the Holiday’s
Merry Christmas

Learning Swift

Finally my swift skills are coming along. This is a app idea I built over the weekend.  There were a few things that I struggled with (i.e. setting the background color in the navigation bar) but for the most part I think I’m catching on. The idea is basically a demonstration on how to pull TV show listing using Swift and TVMaze’s APIs. I plan to post the source later tonight on GitHub.

TV Show Listing
TV Show Listing Thumbnail

TV Show Summary
TV Show Summary Thumbnail

Date Picker
Date Picker Thumbnail

I have a few more goals that I aiming to cross of my list.

  • How to submit to the App store
  • How to use the push notification feature
  • How to swipe and delete items from a list.

My First Youtube Video

For many years I’ve trolled Youtube, and other sites stock piling information and code on how to do certain things.
So I figured it was time for me to do my part and pay it forward. I decided to so by cranking out some “How To” videos.
This was my first attempt at screen recording and what I found out is that it’s not as easy as it looks.

1st, my audio sucked so I went out and bought some fairly cheap Logitech USB Headsets from Office Depot. btw. Amazon is cheaper but I wanted and needed the headset ASAP.

2nd, Whenever I played back my video it was blurry. So it took me a few takes to figure out that I needed to change the resolutions to 1280×720

3rd, I’ve never used IMovie before so for me something as simple as trimming a clip took hours to figure out. Come to think of it I’ve owned my Mac for like 3 years now and I think this was the first time I’ve opened IMovie on purpose.

Overall it probably took me like 6/8 takes to get to a point where I thought I was done. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that as I do more it will get better.

Soooo my first video is a “How To” video explaining how to download and parse TV listing data using PHP and a very cool API made available by the people over at

The site and API’s are free and very easy to use. And like you’ll see from my video you can get something up and running within a few minutes.

So if you find your looking for this type of data, you should definitely see the set of API’s has to offer.

f.y.i. I have no theme or structured plan in mind for the videos i create. I only plan to do videos on technology I like and use.

Back from vacation

Okay the title is a joke. I had a hard time coming up with a title.
Come to think of it as of this month I have not had a vacation in over 2 years and 10 months 😉

And it’s been like 6 months since my last update (I’m on twitter alot).
So here’s a few items that I’ve been working on or doing since my last update.

  1. 1.) Still in cooperate america
  2. 2.) Passed the MongoDB for Developers course (freaking awesome!)
  3. 3.) Killing Getminified (well just the control panel part)
    • I think I’m gonna start building more small but helpful tools like this. Basically weekend projects.
  4. 4.) Working on a new project that I’m petty excited about should be completed by the end of the month.
  5. 5.) Trying to learn Swift. Thank God Apple implemented this change. I was having a hard time learning Objective-C
  6. 6.) Expanded my portfolio adding  a small amount of shares of YHOO, TWTR, TSLA
  7. 7.) Shopping for a new wordpress Theme. Looking for something clean and simple

Updated Skills and Experience Matrix

So I’ve updated my Skills and Experience Matrix chart.

I’ve added Twitter BootStrap under the Familiarity column.
I’ve been playing around with it but nowhere near where I would like to be.

For a while now I’ve been trying my best not to follow the herd.
So either I built my own framework or I used a  framework that was off the grid (not so popular).

The journey so far has been pretty good.
I purchased the kindle version of  “Getting Started with Bootstrap 3” to help jump start things.
You should get it, it’s awesome, plus it was only like $2.99

Anyhow I will have more to come regarding my BootStrap journey soon.

I’m currently re-doing this Domain management site I’ve been working on.

I’m expecting to have this completed within the next two weeks.


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