Well it’s my second week with Python and to be totally honest compared to the previous week this week didn’t go so good.

These days work is overlapping into my personal life. I have multiple projects and approaching deadlines that’s interfering with my learnings.

But with the bit of time I was able to carve out I got to say things got a little frustrating.
I thought I was going to be able to find a few free IDE’s like with PHP but that wasn’t the case.
Plus those fancy Python frameworks that I spoke about last week worked fine on localhost but I couldn’t get them up and running on my server.

Grrrrr but if this is part of the learning curve that’s cool I’m sure the info is available somewhere and with time I will catch on, but dang I was searching the web like a mad man trying to figure this out.

So you’re probably wondering, “Soooo Joe, what did you do this week”? Well I found this article about CGI programming on TutorialsPoint.com that was pretty simple and straight forward so I ran with it.
I didn’t have to install anything extra. I had a CGI-BIN ready and available so the Python functions I had previously built could easily be run within this directory.
I even took it a step further. I moved my files outside of the CGI-Bin and inside another directory created a .htaccess file with the following handler.

“Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .py”

My Python script outside of the CGI-Bin was accessible and executed perfectly. I don’t know if this normal or in regards to security is it safe. I’m just happy that this week wasn’t a total bust.

So all in all I have to admit I don’t feel like I kicked butt this past week, if anything I got my butt kicked.
But that’s cool the 4th of July is right around the corner and I plan to use some of the off time to crush out some code. So looking forward to week 3