New screencast!
So here’s the thing. Most of us who has worked in this crazy tech field are aware of Google Webmaster tool and XML Sitemaps.
And at some point of time have either created, published or submitted one.
But what I’ve noticed from experience is that after creating and submitting a XML Sitemap to Webmaster tools we either take one of the two options when it comes to resubmitting this file.

  1. Wait for the search engine to rediscover, crawl and index our new content
  2. Log into our Webmaster tool accounts and manually resubmit each sitemap.

So I created a video that will demonstrate how to resubmit a XML Sitemap to both Google and Bing with a little bit of PHP.

This video is titled “XML Sitemap: How to Resubmit to Google and Bing” on YouTube.