I’m back at it again, trying to learn Swift and IOS development.
This is basically my second attempt, I tried it back in 2015 but fell of track because of work commitments. This time around I’m pretty obsessed with getting something into the App Store.

In my opinion the learning curve this time around is a lot less steep. I mean there’s still a  hell of a lot to learn syntax, frameworks, and for me Xcode. But nowadays there’s way more places to learn from then a few years ago. i.e. StackOverflow,  Udemy and even YouTube.
I’m taking the dev route this time and building everything via code instead of using the Storyboard.

Thats one thing I do remember from my first time around is that the storyboard even though appears to be helpful can sometimes be a hassle.

The big dilemma I’m faced with now is coming up with a solid worthwhile project.
Right now I’ve been fiddling around with a College Football Trivia app (screen shot included).

Don’t laugh at the UI, I know it sucks.. but I figure that’s something I can circle back to once I get everything working properly.

Ohh and one other thing that stinks. For these past couple of days I’ve been testing everything via the simulator. In order for me to push my tests to my phone I will need to upgrade my IPhone to the newest operating system (Im currently on 9.3.5). Grrrrr. I hate the new operating system. Specifically  the way you reply to SMS messages now. Man .. why did the change it