Black Friday, Cyber Monday and a whole lot of Affiliate Marketing, Let’s get it on! Shout out to the coolest boxing referee ever. Judge Mill Lane. I’m sure all of the boxing fans know who and what I’m talking about and for the ones that don’t, Mills Lane was the referee from the all famous Holyfield and Tyson boxing match.(Yea I’m a big boxing fan)

Well anyway with Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner I hope everyone who participates in affiliate marketing is ready to rumble. This is like super bowl season for all of the online marketing geeks. I’m sure most of the big boy affiliate marketers have had their sites ready to go for months now. But for the sorta noobs like me it’s been pretty exciting. I’ve sold far more Push-N-Pop Bottle Openers this month then any other month this year. My parked domains are accumulating a nice amount of day by day traffic; everything is peaches and cream right now. The holiday season is truly an awesome time but at the same time additive. I’ve been dabbling in affiliate marketing for a little of a year I think, perhaps two years. But I have never have had my stuff setup as well as I do now. This is going to be an interesting toss up. With Yahoo not sure what the hell they are doing, Bing is still suspect, that leave us with Google and sometime they can be a big bully. These are the 3 I’m relying on. I’m not doing anything with Facebook nor twitter this go around. So my big worry now is what will happen after the holidays. I’m bouncing off the walls with joy right now and I would hate for the good times to stop. Good luck to you all.