Yahoo Search Monkey and Google Rich Snippets is giving me no love. I have been working really hard to get some type of visibility from Yahoo Search Monkey and Google rich Snippets. I’ve tried RDFa tags and the Yahoo’s adjunct tags and nothing. It’s probably going on the 3rd or 4th week now, and nada. With Yahoo Search Monkey I’ve tried thier several options, DataRSS, submitting via Site Explorer but I still come up empty. But today surprisingly I did catch a little luck, not from the search engines that I was expecting and targeting, but from Bing, Yea Bing. It’s nothing to go shouting from the roof tops about but it was kind of interesting. Within the description you get when you mouse over the search results Title Tag, Bing is now including by Street Address. This can only be pulling from the RDF tags that I included. It’s little but it give me hope that things are possible and with some tweaks perhaps I can better control what’s being displayed in that area. Again not really a big deal but I’m really happy to see some movement. Thanks Bing for the love!