Programmableweb the shopping mall of API’s and probably one of the best websites in the whole wide world. is basically the shopping mall of API’s, they have the low down on about every API on the web, well maybe just the really cool ones. APIs are properly organized in categories so you’re able to flip through and find what you’re looking for quickly. They offer API related news and a RSS subscription feed so your can keep up on what’s new.
When I’m project free I sometimes come back here to see what’s new searching for a reason to start another project. I’m a project junkie, that’s my thing. Sitting at the computer hour after hour doesn’t bother me. I love coding and working with API’s, not sure why, I just do. (sorry got off topic)
But let’s say for example you’re thinking about starting a financial website and you’re not sure which way to go. Well there’s a financial category listed that will allow you to pump some really interesting data into your site. You can get instant access to AmeriTrade data, stock quotes or to recent filing data, which is pretty awesome.
If you’re really looking to get your project (or mashup) off the ground start here, I’m sure there’s something that could help spark a idea.